14 Nov

Mr. Lif Signs w/ MMG + Re-Release of I Phantom and Free Download


The B-Boy has returned. Legendary Boston MC Mr. Lif has signed a multi-album deal with Mello Music Group for 2016 & 2017. His first new project will be out by early next year, but to hold fans over, MMG will reissue his classic album I Phantom on November 27th.

For those new to this classic, I Phantom showcases production by El-P, Edan, Insight, DJ Fakts One, and NASA. Add to that guest features from Aesop Rock, Jean Grae, and Akrobatik.

“I’ve been very active musically for years but I haven’t been putting records out,” Lif says. “I’ve been touring the world with Thievery Corporation and otherwise living in the studio, constantly making songs.” Lif’s new slate of music is as progressive and searing as ever.

If you’re even vaguely familiar with post-millennium underground hip-hop, you know all about the MC born Jeffrey Haynes. Over the course of four solo EPs and albums, Lif established himself as one of hip-hop’s most brilliant thinkers and triumphantly defiant voices. He spoke truth to power like few others: indicting racism, the inequities of late Capitalism, and political corruption.

His new songs figure to define this new age, by highlighting what has changed and how much regrettably has stayed the same.

The partnership with Mello came out about organically. The link between the former Def Jux linchpin and Mello was obvious: they’re both known for uncompromised raw music with integrity, dedicated to both tradition and progression.

Set for release on November 27th, Lif’s classic debut album titled, I Phantom is the start to a long partnership. Lif promises his new work will be the most soul baring of his career, records that chronicle his ups and downs and the ebbs and flows of life.

“It was a very intentional decision to remain unsigned by any record label until I was absolutely ready. That personal journey spanned from 2007 to 2015. I needed to step back and gain perspective on a great many things”, Lif says. “I waited the right amount of time. I grew. I recorded an abundance of new material over the years, found the right record label, and now it’s time to come back and start round two of my career.”

Free Download

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ARTICLE: Mello Music Group
EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: I Phantom

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10 Feb

How To Run Flash on iPad, iPadMini & iPhone ~ Big Noise Radio Flash Player on iOS Device

flash player

Back in 2005 when we first build Big Noise Radio, we found a really cool Flash Player to support the audio streaming on the internet radio station. It provided quality deliver, of our worldwide underground hip-hop content. The iPhone, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad, iPad Mini, MacBook and Mac Book Air need special browsers to operate a Flash Audio Player, or games, videos and what not.

The Flash Audio Player we choose at the time was by a company called Wimpy Player. Their choice of player skins really met our design aesthetics for BNR. Nowadays the HTML5 audio player is much more universal, and is the popular method for streaming content. BNR gets updated with a HTML5 playlist in 2015. Until then checkout these apps that allow you to stream BNR Radio Shows on your iOS device. Need to access a Flash website, watch a Flash video, or play a Flash game on your iPhone, iPad or MacBook? There are several apps that can help, as demonstrated below.

How to get Flash on iPad via Macworld UK ~ #HowTo #Video

How To Run Flash Player On Your iPhone / iPad! | No Jailbreak Required: Safari, the built-in browser by Apple Inc has no match and works flawlessly, but lacks an important feature i.e. flash player integration. A lot of videos, animations and web pages depending on flash do not work on the iOS platform. It is believed that Apple may never allow flash player to be released for iPhone/iPad as the flash-enabled apps pose a great threat to the AppStore apps, and may divert AppStore’s customers towards the free flash-based apps on the web. But now you can view the flash-enabled web pages on a few web-browsers available on the AppStore, one of which is Puffin Web Browser.

How to run Flash on your iPad:

Thing of The Past: Apple’s decision to abandon Flash made complete sense. The unwieldy format demanded way too much in System and battery resources and Adobe was unable to successfully transition it to modern mobile devices.

“New open standards created in the mobile era, such as HTML5, will win on mobile devices (and PCs too). Perhaps Adobe should focus more on creating great HTML5 tools for the future, and less on criticizing Apple for leaving the past behind,” wrote Steve Jobs in 2010.

Steve Jobs called it right. There was a big brouhaha, of course, and Adobe persevered with Flash for Mobile until it eventually saw the light and at last put the mobile Flash project out of its misery in 2012. The format has now or is being replaced by more modern mobile multimedia formats, and if it isn’t, it should be.

Flash Browser: Most who come across Flash content on a mobile device will avoid it, but for times when you might urgently need to access it here are a couple of solutions to try.

None of these solutions let you play Flash natively on your device, they transcode it remotely and let you watch or work with the results. Be warned, the process can make the Flash on iOS playback experience a little laggy (just like real Flash), but you can at least access the content with just about enough control to play Flash-based games. You can also use alternative browsers to access other Websites, like any other browser.

Puffin Browser: The most popular solution, Puffin Web Browser is free and available for both iPad and iPhone. The free version is limited in that you can only play Flash content at particular times of day — to play material outside of these times you need to pay $0.99 for six months access. The big advantage is that you don’t need to pay to access content so long as you are prepared to only use it during free periods. It also works with many Flash games.

Photon Flash Player: The relatively expensive ($9.99) solution is currently available for $4.99. It works with your iPhone or iPad and allows you to access Flash content using the Lightning button. It offers a few advantages including bandwidth controls, tabbed browsing, full-screen view, bookmarks and print features. It is optimized for Flash features including split screen and game support. There are other browsers that support Flash (there is an extensive list right here), but these are the most popular.

Parallels Access: Another way to access Flash on an iPad or iPhone is to stream it directly from your Mac or PC using Parallels Access. You run applications on your computer that you view and can control from your device — you aren’t confined to Flash, you can run any app on your computer using your device. It does cost $19.99 per year, but if you want to remotely access applications (or files) on your iOS device Parallels Access is recommended.

Splashtop 2: An alternative remote desktop application, the Anywhere Access version of Splashtop 2 costs $17/year and lets you stream all kinds of audio and video assets from your Mac or PC, including games and Flash content. More info can be found at the Original Post by Johnny Evans aka Apple Holic.

Post Contact Info:
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Abhay Nagpal | Twitter

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Article: Macworld UK | Abhay | Johnny Evans
Editor: Noiseman
Image: The Bud Cloud

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19 Apr

Mighty Mystic “Cali Green” Dub MP3 Free Download


Think of God as a great ocean… though we all might take different streams and rivers to get to him, we’re all essentially going to the same place.” – Mighty Mystic


Considered one of the leaders in the East Coast Reggae Movement, reggae artist Mighty Mystic’s fresh sound and musical diversity has proved to be a magnet for music lovers in search of something refreshing and new. It has attracted listeners of all ages, and from all walks of life. A charismatic man on a mission: Mighty Mystic has gone from being a fan of reggae music, to being a contributor to the art. In November 2010 Mighty Mystic released his debut album “Wake up the World” to an overwhelming response. The 17 track album produced several highly acclaimed songs such as “Revolution”, “Riding on the Clouds”, and “Better Times”. Nearly three years later a more mature, seasoned Mystic has appeared with music that’s best summed up as timeless. Mystic says “I’ve learned a lot over the last 3 years not only about myself but about people, and I think that has been an extremely important part in the development and growth of my music”. Mystic and his team are gearing up for a mid to late 2013 release of his sophomore album tentatively titled “Concrete World”.


Mighty Mystic was born Kevin Mark Holness, in the countryside of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. As a child, Holness showed early interest in his native island’s music. It was common to hear him singing songs like “Buffalo Soldier,” “What the Hell the Police Can Do,” or hymns sung in Sunday morning church. In 1989, Holness relocated to Boston, as his family was in search of a new life. It was then the sounds of Mighty Mystic were born, as he began to wet his feet in the local music scene. When it came time to find a name which best suited him, Holness choose “Mystic” which was the childhood nickname of his father, and coincidentally the area where Holness and his family relocated to in Boston.” The name just fit. He shares, “When I moved to Boston, I realized the North East region was very influenced by the hip hop scene of the early 90ʼs, and it also had a bubbling reggae market. I wanted to hold on tight to my Jamaican reggae influences, even while living abroad. A huge part of my inspiration is directly linked to the teachings that my family instilled in me. They were beloved in our Jamaican community, for their works, devotion and overall help onto others, and this is something that truly inspired me to do the type of music I do.”


In 2006 after several years of working on his craft and developing several smaller scale releases, Mighty Mystic teamed up with producers Mike Cip & Stephen Thunder to record Mystic’s first national / international venture. The team wasted little time, and scored a hit with their first release, “Riding on the Clouds” which was followed by “Revolution”. Both tracks took the grass roots market by storm and put the radar on the developing Mighty Mystic. His early successes landed him on his first major tour which started in FL and ended in Vermont stopping on just about every state in between. By the time his official “Wake up the World” album (2010) hit the streets Mystic had gathered 4 more successful releases i.e. “Better Times”, “Here I Am” ft Shaggy, “Slipped Away” (relationships riddim), and “Hero” (18 & ova Riddim). The young Mystic finally began to see his childhood dream coming true. Mystic would spend the next few years touring, recording, and constantly trying to educate himself on things that would make him a better artist. He would emerge a more diverse, hungry artist who prides himself on developing and staying interactive with rapidly growing fan base.

Mighty Mystic has turned himself into one of the more highly sought after U.S based Reggae artist on today’s scene. His brand of “HARD ROOTS” Reggae mixed with elements of Rock and Hip Hop has proven to be a magnet to young music lovers all over and continues to grow rapidly. He has toured and shared the stage with some of Reggae’s biggest names such as Steel Pulse, Damian Marley, Toots and the Maytals, Lee Scratch Perry, Barrington Levy, Buju Banton, The Wailers, Shaggy, Collie Buddz, Sean Paul, Shaggy, Badfish, Dirty Heads, SOJA, John Brownʼs Body, Luciano, Capleton and Beenie Man to name a few. Mystic has headlined several popular Festivals and sold out some of the more prestigious venues across the U.S., i.e. the Paradise Rock Club – MA, Middle East – MA, Port City Music Hall – ME, Nectars – VT. It’s a common occurrence to see his devoted fans travel from state to state concert to concert to see him live and partake in the vibes of the mystic aura. Be on the lookout for his 2013 sophomore album release titled “Concrete World” which Mystic says “I’m truly proud of this project and can’t wait for the world to hear it”.

Mighty Mystic ~ Latest Tracks

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ARTICLE: Concepts Artist Group
EDITOR: Mike-Lee
IMAGE: Mighty Mystic

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30 Mar

Damu The Fudgemunk “Supply For Demand” Cassette & Vinyl


The Strictly Cassette X Redef Collaboration continues with Damu The Fudgemunk’s Supply for Demand. Like all tapes in this critically acclaimed series (Klaus Layer, K-Def, Grap Luva), we are giving away complete rips of each tape. Download the whole tape rip via Soundcloud for free (with or without purchase), or buy this album on TAPE, VINYL (remastered vinyl now in stock) or CD at Redefinition Records.

The tape was recorded using a vintage Sony TC-FX420R cassette player. Damu’s 2010 classic, Supply For Demand, finally gets a cassette release. Tape includes a 2 panel printed insert with handwritten tracklist by Damu himself. Get this album on vinyl, cd or cassette now at Redef Records.

Damu The Fudgemunk “Supply For Demand” Full Tape Rip/MP3!

Music produced by Damu The Fudgemunk. Graphic Design by Strictly Cassette.

01 – Supply For Demand
02 – DC Joint (Ward 4 Version) (Vocals by Damu)
03 – Wonka Beat 4
04 – Bright Side 25th Bday Remix (Vocals by Damu)
05 – Wonka Beat 5
06 – Killin’ Time Rhyme (Vocals by Damu)

07 – Don’t Do It (Y Society, Vocals by Insight)
08 – Wonka Beat 6
09 – DC Joint (Only Built For Washingtonians) (Instrumental)
10 – Don’t Do It (Instrumental)
11 – Bright Side Remix (Jazzley Ou’Francis Instrumental)

Label Contact Info:
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EDITOR: Mike-Lee
IMAGE: Damu The Fudgemunk

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15 Sep

Fortified Gumbo Mixtape ~ MRC Promotions & Big Noise Entertainment Compilation


The Fortified Gumbo Mixtape is chalked full of tight emcee’s, hip-hop music and producers from all around the world. The project is hosted by Pace Won from New Jersey and Trini Bandit from Trinidad. Production for the intro, skits and outro are done by Ghosttown from Europe. Arrangements, mixing and mastering by Noiseman from San Jose California. The lineup is definitely on point!

Artists and producers on the project – DJ Lord Ron form Los Angeles and C-Rayz Walz from Bronx NY. Emcee Nemesis out of Virginia, Tone Spliff from Utica NY and Krumbsnatcher from New York. Mix Master Ice formerly of UTFO and Shabazz The Disciple from Brooklyn NY. Mr Green from New Jersey, Apakalips from San Jose CA, La.k.a.i. out of Pheonix AZ and Louis Logic from New York. Born Talent from White Plains NY, Sum In 1, Kev Da Khemist, Destruct, DJ Leviathan and Jeanine Strong out of Los Angeles. BNR family The Regiment from Detroit, DJ Kid Magic and AD from Columbus OH. Craig G representing Queensbridge NY, Big Noise artist B Flatt from the 90′s out of Oakland and Braille from Portland Oregon.

Fortified Gumbo is a collaborative release from MRC Promotions and Big Noise Entertainment. The cover art was done by the Original Funky Hip-hop Flyer Aerosol Style Master Blaster P.h.a.s.e. 2 of the Bronx NY. These selections are brought to you courtesy of artists from Big Noise Radio and affiliates of MRC Promotions. The concept for the “Fortified Gumbo” mix-tape was created by MRC Promotions and represents a mixture of quality music and hip-hop culture – just add some heat, b-boy / b-girl flavor, some savory emcees, gourmet beats, kosher production, simmer till golden-era and you got Fortified Gumbo.



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ARTICLE: Big Noise
EDITOR: Noiseman
IMAGE: Fortified Gumbo

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14 Aug



Big Noise MPC & The Drum Broker of Alkota Beats are proud to announce our Custom Akai MPC 2000XL Giveaway for spring 2013! We’re giving away a HUGE prize package to one lucky individual June 1st, 2013 which includes the fully customized Akai MPC 2000XL you see below.

Akai 1/4″ stereo input, output and headphone jacks. These units are upgraded with MC-2000XL SD/CF media card readers, they are also upgraded with 32MB of internal memory. The Custom MPC skin is hand fabricated from Bamboo, this is solid 3/4″ exotic wood made to last the life of the MPC. The units are upgraded with extra large grey rubber feet, black drum pads, custom knobs and slider. Mechanical enhancements, new or refurbished display. These units are also equipped with a proprietary damping system under the pad actuators to reduce physical bounce and enhance drum hit accuracy… (Read More)

A. Customized Akai MPC2000XL from Big Noise MPC featuring:

2-Tone Bamboo Skin
Grey Rubber Deck Embellishment
MC-2000XL Flash Card Reader (Hot-Swap ATAPI version)
32MB Internal Memory
Thick Fat Black Pads, Pad Corx
Custom Pad Damping System
Upgraded Knobs & Slider
Large Rubber Feet

B. 16GB Akai MPC 2000XL USB Flash Drive Packed with the ENTIRE Drum Library
(All Kits & Breaks) from The Drum Broker



Custom Akai MPC 2000XL Wood Bezel & Flash Card Reader by Big Noise

The only Custom MPC Hand Built with Exotic Hard Wood. Now available at Big Noise MPC.


Have questions?
Contact Big Noise MPC
Contact The Drum Broker

Company Contact Info:
Big Noise – Twitter | Online Store | Drum Broker – Twitter | Online Store

MPC 2000XL Giveaway Event Sponsors:
I STILL LOVE H.E.R. (website) | MODERN BEATS (website)

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ARTICLE: Big Noise | Drum Broker
EDITOR: Noiseman
IMAGE: Big Noise MPC

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