29 Jan

“So Many Rappers” – Rob O & Pete Rock 7” Vinyl

Rare & Sought after track from INI’s Rob O, produced & featuring Pete Rock (Prod & Recorded during his Soul Survivor era) 45 jacket and label artwork designed by Joseph Buckingham (De La Soul, Staple, etc).

Its been 2 decades since INI debuted under the guidance of producer Pete Rock. During the mid to late 90’s INI member Rob O and several other Mount Vernon, NY affiliates recorded a string of PR produced tracks that were released in various incarnations (including many promo only, white label & bootleg 12”s) until the early 2000’s when underground hip hop vinyl sales were starting todecline. Today, with the resurgence of vinyl and it’s high demand, Redefinition Records and ST. Nick Ent. have collaborated to reissue for the first time officially Rob O’s “So many Rappers” (produced & recorded during PR’s Soul Survivor era), and Meccalicious’ Meccalicious (recorded during the Center of Attention era). Both Rob O and Meccalicious would gain a lifelong fanbase from their performances on wax. If you’re fan a of Pete Rock and the whole MT. Vernon movement, these 2 selections are essential. Previous versions of these recordings have been long out of print and sought after, so whether you’re a long time fan or if this is your first time hearing these gems, this 45 is a must have. Release date 2/12/2016.

A. So Many Rappers (Rob O & Pete Rock, Produced by Pete Rock)
B. Meccalicious (Meccalicious & Pete Red, Produced by Pete Rock)

Rob-O – So Many Rappers ft. Pete Rock (Prod. By Pete Rock)

Meccalicious (Mekolicious) feat. Pete Rock & Pete Red

Label Contact Info:
Fat Beats Records - Website | Facebook | Twitter
Redefinition Records – Website | Facebook | Twitter

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ARTICLE: Fat Beats Records
EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Rob O & Pete Rock

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28 Nov

The Pharcyde-Bizarre Ride II: The Singles Re-Release Box Set


All of the singles issued from one of the most legendary debut albums in music history, “Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde”, are presented here as a deluxe 45 box set.
Bizarre Ride II The Singles Collection contains the singles issued from Bizarre Ride in full color jackets. Each of the seven singles included in the set are in a different colored vinyl pressing.

Originally released in November 1992, Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde emerged at a time when gangsta rap dominated what people were hearing, seeing and buying, especially on the West Coast. The Pharcyde’s refreshing sound – lively, humorous and inventive lyrics over lush, jazzy productions –changed hip hop’s trajectory and influenced a generation of artists. “Bizarre Ride” helped establish a new alternative scene on the West Coast, paving the way for artists such as Hieroglyphics, The Coup, Jurassic 5 and many more.
Over the years, Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde’s status has grown to that of a five-star classic, beloved by critics and fans alike. Pitchfork named the release one of their “Top 100 Favorite Records of the 90s” and even The Source, who gave the release a mere 3 1⁄2 mics in their initial review, included the record on their listing of 100 Best Rap Albums.

1A. Ya Mama (Single Version)
1B. Ya Mama (Acapella)
2A. Ya Mama (J-Swift Remix)
2B. Ya Mama (J-Swift Instrumental Remix)
3A. Soul Flower (Remix) (Single Version)
3B. Soul Flower (Remix) (Acapella)
4A. Passin’ Me By (Single Version)
4B. Passin’ Me By (Acapella)
5A. Passin’ Me By (Fly As Pie Mix)
5B. Passin’ Me By (Fly As Pie Instrumental) 6A. Otha Fish (Single Version)
6B. Otha Fish (Acapella)
7A. 4 Better Or 4 Worse (Single Version) 7B. 4 Better Or 4 Worse (Acapella)

Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde – The Singles Collection Music Box

Label Contact Info:
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Bizarre Ride II

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30 Mar

Damu The Fudgemunk “Supply For Demand” Cassette & Vinyl


The Strictly Cassette X Redef Collaboration continues with Damu The Fudgemunk’s Supply for Demand. Like all tapes in this critically acclaimed series (Klaus Layer, K-Def, Grap Luva), we are giving away complete rips of each tape. Download the whole tape rip via Soundcloud for free (with or without purchase), or buy this album on TAPE, VINYL (remastered vinyl now in stock) or CD at Redefinition Records.

The tape was recorded using a vintage Sony TC-FX420R cassette player. Damu’s 2010 classic, Supply For Demand, finally gets a cassette release. Tape includes a 2 panel printed insert with handwritten tracklist by Damu himself. Get this album on vinyl, cd or cassette now at Redef Records.

Damu The Fudgemunk “Supply For Demand” Full Tape Rip/MP3!

Music produced by Damu The Fudgemunk. Graphic Design by Strictly Cassette.

01 – Supply For Demand
02 – DC Joint (Ward 4 Version) (Vocals by Damu)
03 – Wonka Beat 4
04 – Bright Side 25th Bday Remix (Vocals by Damu)
05 – Wonka Beat 5
06 – Killin’ Time Rhyme (Vocals by Damu)

07 – Don’t Do It (Y Society, Vocals by Insight)
08 – Wonka Beat 6
09 – DC Joint (Only Built For Washingtonians) (Instrumental)
10 – Don’t Do It (Instrumental)
11 – Bright Side Remix (Jazzley Ou’Francis Instrumental)

Label Contact Info:
Twitter | Facebook | Website

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EDITOR: Mike-Lee
IMAGE: Damu The Fudgemunk

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Free Stuff
24 Sep

Spur Momento Trailer by Damu The Fudgemunk


Damu The Fudgemunk returns with a new instrumental concept, Spur Momento Trailer, which fuses traditional organic with electronic and synthesized sounds.

After a brief hiatus, Redefinition Records’ Prez/Co-Owner, Damu The Fudgemunk returns with a new instrumental concept album, Spur Momento Trailer. If you’re expecting to hear “How It Should Sound Volume 3,” you’ll be in for quite a surprise as this project is sonically very different than the sound that Damu is known for, yet nonetheless dope. Throughout Spur Momento, Damu fuses traditional organic elements with electronic and synthesized sounds, while mixing in bits & pieces from hundreds of different samples & instruments along the way.

Available worldwide on September 3rd on VINYL, CD and Digital formats (Cassettes coming later). There are two different vinyl versions: 1- the main multi color version includes bonus “audio liner notes” on Side D with artist commentary & 2: The Redef-store exclusive “Black/Direct version” includes alternate bonus tracks on Side D in place of the liner notes.

Fade’s Em Gone (Organ Grinder) by Damu The Fudgemunk


Stay tuned to wonkabeats.com and www.redefinitionrecords.com for the latest on Damu The Fudgemunk’s Spur Momento Trailer EP.


01 – Redef Mission Statement
02 – They Who Flock
03 – Assembly Line
04 – Fades Em Gone (Organ Grinder)
05 – Blizzard
06 – Trenchcoat, Fedora & Briefcase
07 – Meadows


Website | Twitter | SoundcloudBand Camp

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ARTICLE: Redef Records
EDITOR: Noiseman
IMAGE: Redef Records

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Beats By The Ton
14 Sep

Street Corner Music Label Announcement/ House Shoes Presents Nameless LP Preorder


So It is with great pleasure that I would like to announce that I am finally back in the label game.

Street Corner Music, my new venture with Fat Beats, would like to announce our first release,
House Shoes Presents- The Gift: Volume One- Nameless, to be released in October.

Limited to 300 lps with no second pressing, you had best pre-order this shit right here.

Liner notes from the back cover:

19 years ago, I walked into Street Corner Music for the first time. Hard 2 Earn had come out that day, and I figured I would finally check out the shop down the street. Not thinking they would carry the vinyl, I asked for the cd and was let down when the guy behind the counter said they had just sold the last one. “We’ve got a couple LPs left though.” I fell out. At this point in time I had never looked forward to an album as much as this one.

I asked to speak to the manager so I could see if they needed any help, and the response was “We don’t have a budget for another employee at this time, but would you be willing to work for trade?” HELL YES I WOULD.

Street Corner became the first hub of many where I peddled the music that I loved. From hiphop to soul to rock to jazz. To this day it remains my favorite record store. I’m grateful to Chris Flanagan, Mike Rome, and Lynn Koretz for bringing me aboard the ship and having the faith in me to let me do what I did while I was there.

Fast forward to May 31st, 2013. What do I call the label? What makes sense? STREET CORNER MUSIC. It was the spot where everyone knew they could come and grab the heat. It only makes sense to adopt the name. Now get ready for the heat.

The Gift is a series I enacted on my website, www.djhouseshoes.com, to spotlight not necessarily unknown talent, but cats just under the radar.
I decided to start it off with NAMELESS, a crazy producer from Flint now living in Florida. His sound echoes that of Detroit HipHop’s past, and points toward the future. Enjoy the slaps, and get ready for more, much more.



Side A

Side B
06 – MA (IT’S GOOD)


Website Twitter Soundcloud 

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ARTICLE: House Shoes
EDITOR: Noiseman
IMAGE: House Shoes Presents Nameless Vol. 1

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Beats By The Ton